In addition to our wide selection of refreshments, Sid’s Beverage is also the place to find great deals on quality EdenPURE® heaters.

Lightweight at only six pounds, the EdenPURE® All Season Indoor / Outdoor Infrared Heater provides instant heat and can be easily positioned in any room. Sid’s Beverage heater models can go practically everywhere, from your outdoor BBQ to a chilly bathroom to a garage where you’re working on your muscle car.

When indoors, these heaters are superb at radiating warmth throughout the entire room. In addition to our competitive pricing, you will also save because infrared produces heat for about 30% less than a conventional heater might. Not only will you be perfectly comfortable, but you might very well find yourself with drastically reduced heating bills! Using one of our available models of EdenPURE® heaters, you can reduce the temperature in the less used parts of your home for even more substantial household energy savings.

Also available is The EdenPURE® All Season Indoor / Outdoor Infrared Heater, which is resistant to weather and water so your heater is protected from the rain, water, dust, and snow.

All EdenPURE® heaters run quietly because there’s no fan necessary to circulate the warmed air. As for safety concerns, you can rely on all our EdenPURE® heaters, as they all have an automatic shut-off for accidental tips and tilts.

Give us a call today at 563-583-1879 to learn more about our selection of EdenPURE® heaters!

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